Volunteer with us at Digital Harbor High School! (Spring 2018)

The Refugee Youth Project relies on the dedication and compassion of reliable community volunteers and partners to create a safe, welcoming space for refugee youth to learn, grow, and integrate.

RYP has space for approximately 10 volunteers for the 2018 Spring Semester at Digital Harbor High School.



RYP @ Digital Harbor 

Tuesdays and Thursdays

3:15 pm-4:45 pm

Site Coordinator: TBA


Address:  1100 Covington St.

Baltimore, MD 21230

Spring Semester: 12 weeks

Start date:

  • Tuesday, February 20

No program:

  • Tuesday, March 27
  • Thursday, March 29

End date:

  • Thursday, May 10

Volunteer Position Description

Community members serve as after-school program volunteers at Patterson High School and assist 13-20 year-old students with homework assignments, school projects, basic skills, English practice, and more. Tutors work one-on-one with students or manage small groups based on subject matter (e.g. math, history, science, reading).

Approximately 15-30 students attend RYP each day. Many students are brand new to the US; others have been here for longer. Your role as a volunteer may be different depending on the composition of students that attend programming. A typical day at RYP includes announcements/attendance and a group icebreaker followed by tutoring. Students receive safe transportation home on an RYP-provided school bus at the end of the day.

After-school program volunteers help in a classroom setting. All tutors are supervised by a certified ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) teacher from Baltimore City Public Schools while on site.

  • Assist refugee students with homework, school projects, study skills, class review, and other assignments as necessary
  • Practice English with students; mentor and motivate youth towards self-sufficiency
  • Serve as positive role models and build meaningful relationships with students
  • Work with BCCC staff, volunteers, and school personnel to accomplish program objectives
  • Other related duties as assigned
  • Reliable, open-minded, flexible, proactive, and patient
  • Willing to learn about resettlement and refugee issues
  • Willing to learn about cross-cultural communication and ethnic backgrounds of clients
  • Commitment to working with youth
  • Ability to communicate clearly and effectively in English
  • Ability to speak Arabic, Tigrinya, Kinyarwanda, Nepali, or Swahili is a bonus!
  • Must submit a volunteer application form to RYP and complete DHHS Volunteer Application forms
  • Must be fingerprinted through Baltimore City Public Schools Office of Human Resources (free)
  • Must attend an orientation date (for all new volunteers)
  • Must commit to volunteering 2 hours per week for at least one semester
  • Must register for a non-credit course as part of BCCC at your initial orientation (see below)
About Volunteer Participation in BCCC’s Non-Credit Courses

The Refugee Youth Project is part of Baltimore City Community College’s Workforce Development and Continuing Education Division. To participate in RYP’s programming, volunteers are required to enroll in a non-credit course by completing a “Non-Credit Registration & Add/Drop Form.” Non-credit course grades are determined by volunteer attendance. “S” grades are given for 70% attendance and above, and “U” grades will be given for less than 69% attendance. Ongoing participation for volunteers who have less than 49% attendance will be discussed between the RYP Coordinator, RYP Site Coordinator, RYP Volunteer Specialist, the partner coordinating volunteers (if applicable), and or the volunteer him/herself.

How to Apply

New Community Volunteers
To volunteer at Digital Harbor for the first time

Step ONE: Fill out the necessary forms

  1. Submit a volunteer inquiry form to get started
  2. Contact Camille Wathne, volunteer coordinator, at camille@refugeeyouthproject.org.
  3. RYP will confirm your placement/day and sign you up for one on-site orientation 

Step TWO: Get a Baltimore City Public Schools volunteer background check (free of charge)

  1. Coordinate with Camille and Digital Harbor High School to complete the Background Check Authorization Form in order to be screened as a volunteer within the Baltimore City public school system.
  2. Take the Background Check Authorization Form with you to the BCPS Central Office (they do not take reservations but please call ahead for hours). Please note: you must have completed the authorization form mentioned in step 1 prior to being fingerprinted!

200 E North Ave

Room 120

Baltimore, MD 21215


  1. Email RYP again when you have completed these steps. You should receive the results of your background check in the mail. You are not allowed to volunteer unless you have completed this step – get it done ASAP!

Step THREE:  Attend one of our volunteer orientations – MANDATORY

  1. Fill out our BCCC Non-Credit Registration Form and sign volunteer agreements
  2. Commit to volunteering for one semester!

Please contact Camille Wathne, Volunteer Specialist, at camille@refugeeyouthproject.org or (410) 558-3258 with any questions.

I’m ready.

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