We felt so loved during the month of June! Thank you to everyone who organized, donated, partnered, and advocated for the students of the Refugee Youth Project.

Together, you raised more than


for our programs!

Art Transforms! Art Auction and Benefit

Our thanks to…

Julia Celebrado-Royer

Anna Tonnelli

Brooke Savage

Stan Mazaroff

Happier Hour

Our thanks to…

Tyler and Anne Lane

Alex Champagne

Shannon Hadley

World Refugee Day

Our thanks to…

WC Harlan

Wahaka Mezcal

Andrew Young

Vent Coffee

Baltimore Whiskey Company

Baltimore Brew

Thread Coffee

Union Craft Brewing

Wonders of Damascus

Our thanks to…

Rachel Klein

Nahlah Melaih

Nebras Hamayel

Iman Ashab

Emily Lerman

Sabrina Khattib

Liliane Makole

Meg Murray

Khaoula Rama

Aishah Alfadhalah

Kelsey Krach

Baltimore Brew

Happy Hour of Sausage, Whiskey, Music, and Friends

Our thanks to…

Laura London

Rachel Abbots

The Righteous Ramblers