100% YES

March 2015 (Kimi Hanauer)

During the 2014-2015 academic year, Press Press, an interdisciplinary publishing initiative, partnered with a group of amazing student collaborators at RYP. During this year they created a series of writing-based projects exploring themes of utopia, resilience, exile and more. These explorations resulted in one important question…What do you say 100% YES to?

From Press Press: “100% YES is an affirmation of resilience. 100% YES a type of positivity that conjures the hardship that it is based within into a positive perspective on the world. 100% YES insists that we, at once, embrace the uncertainty and groundlessness of life, while identifying the concrete positive ideals, actions, and entities we believe in. 100% YES is positivity that cannot be ignorant, nor can it be ignored. 100% YES is critical of our world, yet it is also compositional and constructive to our personal visions of what our world could be. Viewing the world through 100% YES is a very difficult task because it asks of us to be mindful of the many contradictions we find ourselves within while, wholeheartedly refusing to be idle within them. 100% YES is here and it is unstoppable!”

The facilitators of this project were: Kimi Hanauer, Leila Khoury, Layla MacRory and Sonja Solvang.

Links to their final work: