The Baltimore City YouthWorks Program is a great opportunity for refugee youth to learn new skills and gain important work experience over the summer when they are not in school. The application process can be a little confusing, but we are here to help!

What is YouthWorks?

It’s a program for Baltimore City students ages 14-21 to gain work experience. Students who participate will get $10.10/hour for 25 hours per week for 5 weeks. There are two sessions this year: the 1st session starts June 25, 2018 through July 27, 2018. 2nd session starts July 9, 2018 and continues through August 10, 2018.

Students MUST be a Baltimore City resident between the age of 14 and 21 by June 22 in order to participate in YouthWorks (must be at least 14 and no older than 21 on June 22, 2018).  Baltimore County residents are not eligible.

Why participate?

RYP’s high school students can get paid to learn English and take field trips with RYP if they complete the application process successfully. By participating in YouthWorks, they will earn money by attending RYP’s high school summer academy from July 2 to August 9. (If students live in Baltimore County, they can still attend our summer school but won’t get paid.)

RYP’s summer school is just one of many YouthWorks sites available, and students are not obligated to attend our programming.  Students can be placed by YouthWorks according to their interest, or they can be placed with other organizations and agencies like internships at Johns Hopkins or working at Parks and Rec, for example. If a student does want to be placed at a particular site, they need to go through the entire process before March 2nd and give their desired employer a yellow certification slip to guarantee their spot.

Note there are often more students that apply for YouthWorks than there are placements! RYP will have a spot for most students who apply if we know they are coming to us – please stay in commuication!

How do you get started?

We would love the help of volunteers, mentors, teachers, paraeducators, and other community members in helping students through the registration and certification process so we’ve created a guide to help you! It includes important notes about what to do or not to do, and how to ensure students make it through the process.

Students can also come to RYP to get help at Patterson High School (room 160) on January 16th or 18th at 3:30 pm, or on January 23rd at 12:30 pm (please sign up on Facebook on the Baltimore Ryp post).  We’ll also be helping students on January 24th and 25th – stay tuned for announcements

Here is an overview of the steps for students:

  1. Create a YouthWorks account using your personal email address as your login name

  2. Activate your YouthWorks account by responding to the confirmation email.

  3. Login to your YouthWorks account to complete and submit an online application.

    1. Print your application and keep it safe (parents will need to sign it if under 18)

    2. If you are under 18 by June 22, print a work permit

  4. Collect all of the required documents you need for your certification appointment

  5. Attend a certification interview appointment with all required documents.

  6. Decide if you want to work with RYP or not.

Please email if you are helping a student – IF THEY WANT TO ATTEND RYP’S HIGH SCHOOL SUMMER SCHOOL, WE NEED TO OBTAIN THEIR YELLOW VERIFICATION SLIP after their certification interview.

Thank you!