If you could change anything in this world, what would it be?

For four weeks last fall semester, the Refugee Youth Project’s ArtWorks program at Patterson High School collaborated with Kirsten Elstner of VisionWorkshops to put on a photojournalism workshop for 15 of our students.

VisionWorkshops is an incredible organization that conducts photography workshops worldwide with underserved youth; they have worked with RYP in the past to do a National Geographic Photo Camp and other photography projects that explore identity.

During these workshops, students explored the concept of interviews as they relate to both careers and photojournalism. The students learned the basics of photography, shot portraits of their fellow students, and interviewed each other about their hopes for the future, their journeys to the United States, and what they want to share about themselves with people in Baltimore.

ArtWorks will use the portraits and accompanying interviews in a zine that we can then sell as a product for our social enterprise at craft fairs around Baltimore. The students will help with those sales and be able to share their personal stories with people in Baltimore, forging new connections between otherwise divided communities.